Roger and Jacqueline

Jacqueline Rickman

Met at St Mary's Hall.

Married at Wandsworth Registry Office, 28 March 1964, aged sixteen. The marriage was witnessed by Roger's friend John Reader of the Merchant Navy who was a part-time roadie for The Who, and the reception was held at her parents house in Putney with Johnny Kidd and The Pirates in attendance as guests.

Roger Daltrey: - The casualty of our early success was my marriage. I'd got married because my wife-to-be was pregnant and it was the decent thing to do. But I was too young, too stupid and in a rock'n'roll band. It only lasted a couple of years, but it was an amicable split and I have a wonderful relationship with my son, Simon.

Son Simon born 22 August 1964 at the Downs, Wimbledon.

Chris Downing: - One night at the Railway Hotel, [11th August 1964] Roger's father-in-law suddenly appeared just as they were about to go on, and dragged Roger outside and hit him. You see, Roger was the only one that was married, but I got the feeling that it wasn't a very happy marriage. I think he was trying to get out of it.
Roger Daltrey: - I was the original pop star, knocking off as many birds as you could get in one night. Pete's got a bit of a chip, because I used to get all the girls.

Irene Daltrey: - In those days, if you remember, even The Beatles didn't like people to know if they were married. Kit didn't like that, and eventually said, "You'll have to leave your wife and get a flat." So Roger left; he started going [away] weekends, and then he started not going home at all.
Roger Daltrey: - I knew that if I didn't move away from her in those early days, I would be a sheet metal worker forever.

Applies for a divorce, 29th January 1968, in London while Roger is touring New Zealand with The Who. The divorce was granted in May 1970.

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